Paediatric Care

Why take your baby to see a Chiropractor ?

Babies may develop musculoskeletal issues (muscle stiffness and spinal dysfunction) as a result of difficult birth positions. Positions such as  transverse  (sideways), posterior (spine on spine) or breech ( head towards mum’s rib cage)  may create pressure on your baby’s head, spine and muscles. These added pressures may result in  sore muscles and stiff joints.  Fast deliveries, long labours or deliveries requiring assistance such as forceps, vacuum extraction or caesarean section may increase the risk of babies developing  musculoskeletal conditions. Musculoskeletal issues have also been found in babies born naturally (1).

How does Muscle and Joint (musculoskeletal) Issues Affect A Baby?

Musculoskeletal issues (stiff muscles and joints) may develop during the birth process or in the womb and be a cause of discomfort in babies (1,2).

Some babies may be born with injury to their neck muscles,  as a result of the birth process or positioning in the womb. One example is a condition called wry neck or torticollis.

The same way adults can have a stiff or sore neck, babies with musculoskeletal issues may also experience these feelings but have difficulty telling you!

Scott and baby chiro

What will the Chiropractor do for a baby?

The role of the chiropractor is to identify stiff muscles and joints in your baby and correct them using gentle and appropriate chiropractic techniques. 

Our practitioners are properly trained and certified under AHPRA to assess, exam and treat paediatric patients. 

Our chiropractors and physiotherapists may co-manage babies with other health professionals such as doctors and dentists depending on your baby’s needs. 

What Treatments will be used ?

Once the chiropractor or physiotherapist has done a thorough history and examination they will discuss their findings with you. If you choose to continue with treatment, it is tailored to your baby depending on their age, condition and needs. The treatment will be demonstrated and it often involves massage to any tight muscles and correction of any spinal imbalances using the same pressure as you would put on your eyeball. Our treatments on babies are extremely gentle! 

Many parents often comment that they wish they had known what chiropractors could do for their baby and had visited the clinic  earlier.

For more information on chiropractic and babies, please feel free to call our clinic and talk to our friendly reception or one of our practitioners. 



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