Patient Information

What to expect?

Your health, and the way your body functions affects everything you do and everyone you know. For most people their health is their biggest asset and most important investment. It makes sense to invest in your health.

Most people present at our clinic seeking pain relief. That is their initial goal and the first stage of care.

Initial Corrective Care

Also known as relief care, this is where we work on reducing your symptoms; inflammation begins to resolve; joint mobility begins to improve and soft tissue becomes more flexible. During this phase visits are frequent as each treatment builds upon the last to eliminate pain and symptoms quickly.

Rehabilitative Care

Rehabilitative care is designed to maintain and continue to improve health levels gained from initial corrective care. Adjustment frequency is reduced as muscles are strengthened, range of motion is improved and more complete healing takes place.

Functional Wellness Care

The final phase of functional wellness is an integral part of being truly healthy or being ‘well’. It is proposed to maintain proper spinal movement and function and prevent the return of poor posture and muscle patterns. Prevention saves time and money by helping you stay well. It stops a niggle becoming a nightmare. It includes education and assistance with other essential components for ‘wellness’ including nutrition, rest, exercise and a positive attitude.